Kartik Aaryan’s Adorable Raksha Bandhan Moment with Sister and Pet Dog Katori

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The article discusses Kartik Aaryan’s Raksha Bandhan post on Instagram, where he shared a heartwarming picture with his sister and pet dog Katori. The actor, known for his recent film “Satyaprem Ki Katha,” captured a moment of himself in a pose imitated by Katori, showcasing a bond of affection. Kartik’s caption humorously played on their gestures, expressing sweetness and blessings associated with Raksha Bandhan.

The article further mentions Kartik’s recent appearance at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, narrating a fan’s proposal to him. Kartik’s response, blushing and playful, garnered attention, and he later shared the video on social media. The playful exchange sparked laughter and engagement among fans.

Kartik Aaryan’s recent works, including film projects and cameo appearances, are briefly highlighted, encompassing a range of genres and collaborations with actors like Kiara Advani and Tabu.

In summary, the article captures Kartik Aaryan’s endearing Raksha Bandhan post with his sister and pet dog, as well as a lighthearted fan encounter at a film festival. It also touches on Kartik’s recent filmography, showcasing his diverse roles and ongoing projects.

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