“Rare Case of Plague Confirmed in Oregon: Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention”

A rare case of plague has been confirmed in Oregon. Here’s what to know about symptoms and how they spread. CBS News

The website discusses a recent case of the plague confirmed in Oregon, providing insights into its symptoms, transmission, treatment, and prevention. Health officials confirmed a rare case of human plague, likely transmitted from a pet cat, marking the first reported case in Oregon since 2015. The article emphasizes that while the disease may evoke historical connotations, it is rare in modern times and treatable with antibiotics, with various forms presenting different symptoms and severity. It details how the plague is transmitted through flea bites or handling infected animals, including cats and dogs. Symptoms vary depending on the type of plague contracted, with bubonic plague being the most common form in the U.S. Treatment involves early administration of antibiotics, especially crucial for pneumonic plague, which has a high fatality rate if untreated. Preventive measures include flea control for pets, minimizing exposure to rodents, and using insect repellent in affected areas. The article underscores the importance of awareness, prompt diagnosis, and proactive measures in mitigating the risk of plague transmission.

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