Maximizing Job Satisfaction in Sales

Depiction of Job involvement and satisfaction

Sales line and Job satisfaction

The word “SALES” is, of course, a very stimulating and thrilling word-but it is not suitable for all the people or -for many-not their cup of tea. For those who have the right temperament, like the daily thrill and uncertainty, to be enjoyed and have the level of perseverance very high with high self-motivational levels-the Sales-line is quite befitting to their temperament. Such people enjoy it and also make very good progress. These are the people who, even by their innovative approach and strong communication skills, perform so well that the heights of sales-bars go on increasing further, thus making a real mark of their success.

The people who may be very diligent and very intelligent-but lack in the levels of tolerating the uncertainties and the levels of facing the challenges which are often put forth to a salesperson-may not be fit for the Sales Line. They even lack the tolerance levels so much that their performances in sales reflect very poor productivity and the resultant effect is their survival in sales becomes very difficult.

Some people in sales will tell you about the highs of the job. They think it’s fantastic. They talk about the fantastic feeling they experience when they use their people skills and powers of negotiation to close a deal. They are the real Sales enterprising people. They prosper and enjoy every step taken in this line with the striking of a successful deal because of their strong communication and conviction, which are their very strong traits or the weaponry with which they win their sales challenges. Naturally, the Job satisfaction of such high spirited people in the sales line is very high and they push their careers further in the same line.

Now if someone is not having any satisfaction out of this sales line and is still carrying on or if I use the word drifting on-that is a very scary situation for his career aspects. Such people should immediately go out of this situation and opt for a suitable job which befits their liking and their personality traits. There are career advisors who, with their stimulating advertisements, direct such people to have their counseling and opt for the most suitable line immediately.

Following is the advertisement by one such Career advisor for such people:-

“Sick of relentless targets and constant pressure? Tired of your worth being determined only by your last sale? Let’s get you out of that sales job, with some practical advice and exercises-we will provide you the solution to your problems. However, several of my clients have been desperate to escape this world. Deeply unhappy, at first, they thought it’d virtually be impossible to change career direction. Both felt they were “stuck” in sales jobs for the rest of their working life.”

If you work in sales and want to get out, what’s stopping you? What transferable skills and personal attributes do you have that could help you shift into a different sector?

Importantly, one must analyze which direction he wants to take himself. As far as his career is concerned, he is not feeling comfortable in sales or he is not fit for Sales. He should at least analyze this stepwise:- He should first point out in him while doing the self-analysis what were the reasons for which he was not comfortable in sales. Was he not good at making relations with his customers or was he not having the liking for creating a sales deal or was he getting sick of chasing the daily targets stipulated or was he temperamentally not liking the whole sales show? There could be many more such reasons which a person can identify himself more clearly when he analyses the factors responsible for not liking the sales line. After this, he should think seriously about his likings and even recall what he liked during his childhood the most. So that if he pursues the same, he would not fail at all. He should be firm on realizing what inspires him the most. He should realize even his strong pluses in his personality and his shortcomings as well. Based on the analysis which he does, he should explore then the various job opportunities which he felt he would be comfortable in. Once that step is also taken, he should then pursue the same and apply for the same, looking to the various pros and cons of the job which he is seeking. Thus, after a very careful exercise of his self-analysis and follow up, he can easily come out of his sales sickness and be once again a happy man with the job of his liking.

Coming again to a successful salesperson, he surely has the following personality characteristics:-

The fact is, people in sales have a wealth of skills that are easily transferable to other areas of work. Excellent communication and people skills, ambition, able to manage and motivate individuals and teams, confidence, a good understanding of the needs of customers and business, ability to build rapport, use of initiative, good at networking, negotiating, and persuasion.

 Naturally, such bubbling salespersons have a high level of Job-satisfaction and it is this satisfaction level that makes them go even for the higher challenges and make new records in the sales. Such people are the real diamonds for the organization in which they are working and the organization too knows them very well and would go up to any level to keep them for any length of period since the whole organization is based on their selling skills and their potential.

It is the job satisfaction levels of such people -that they are given all the attractions by the competitor companies in terms of their emoluments and career aspects but still they would stick to the original ones because of a high level of satisfaction and importantly their job security as well.

Here I would like to emphasize that the whole article which I have jotted down is essentially not related only to the pharma section but it applies to any salesperson. May it be related to other sections like the consumer durables section, OTC section, and even the nondurable section. In short, for all the Sales lines.

 In the end, I would like to summarise one thing that those who are having high job satisfaction in sales are the real ones who can go places further in the same line and it is a line which goes on higher and higher and even for those who are not happy here-I close with the very practical words of Henry Ford-who hits the nail in the head and says:-

“If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re probably right”. You’ll have doubts and experience setbacks. This is only natural but, if you keep plugging away, you’ll get results and eventually say goodbye to sales”.