Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t–‘Part-I’.

Picture depicting the winter and welcome to X-Mas.

Ravi Speaks:

UPDATED ON 24.12.2022.

Looking at the winter showing its accurate picture nowadays-here is the reproduction of an article which was published just around three months back.It befits the present chilling time of winter and you would love to read it again.Happy winter to all. Enjoy every moment!

Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t–‘Part-I’.

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.

You’ve probably seen people who adore the winter and another group who despise it and are only content during the summer. I fall into the second category and detest winter completely. Despite the fact that I am from a region where the winter and snowfall are more prevalent, I feel happier and more at ease in the summer.

Today, I shall deal with the reasons people like winters in particular, in this Part-I of my article on “Winter”. Tomorrow I shall touch on the various reasons the other set of people have a disdain-relationship with the same winter and would always welcome Summers?

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.

“People who adore winter have the most delicious and hottest (warm) hearts,” they say. Is there anything more satisfying than a warm cup of coffee or tea on a chilly day? There is nothing that brings more joy to people who enjoy winter than that. Additionally, while the cold or the colder time of year season is a nightmare for some, it is the height of ecstasy for others. For people who love winter, summer is the definition of awkward. When you’re hot and drenched in perspiration, the only thing that can cool you off is entering an area where the air conditioning is turned all the way up. When you start to feel cold, you warm up or sip something hot. However, nothing can cool you off while you’re heated. Experts affirm that sporadic temperature changes can have an impact on people’s mental states and behaviors. Even the character is considered to be impacted by the time of birth. Many people believe that people who enjoy winter have colder emotions. They have a big heart and are quite affectionate. Promoting People who love winter will be a little more reclusive than people who enjoy hot, but this makes them more receptive to other people’s emotions. A thoughtful person’s psyche makes a novel vision of his/her environmental factors.

Following are the main attractions of the winter-which by one set of people make them crazier towards winter: 

1.“SNOW”-The Biggest Attraction:

The snowfall during winter is so excellent – it covers everything with a soft white cover and makes a pleasant picture. Have you at any point tried to do that much work during rains when you are likely to get drenched fully as you can do during the snow? Snow is likewise better compared to rain since it doesn’t absorb you and you can get things done in it, such as skiing or tossing snowballs.

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.

2. People love skiing: 

Regardless of the event that you ski, snowboard or sled, you find it is an involvement in a lot more passionate bonds than cooking in the sun on the seashore. You work out, you can eat hard to keep up with your energy level and in the wake of skiing, you end the day moving and being glad. Also, developing a feeling of winning through the thrill you drive out of it.

3. Wearing the various Layers:

There’s no more excellent opportunity to take clothing crossover to a higher level. In winter, you can wear for all intents and purposes the entirety of your garments without a moment’s delay, envelop yourself by agreeable scarves, and hotshot your rich shoes. Winter is the ideal opportunity for boots that cause you to feel you’re strolling on mists, coats that resemble camping coats, and caps that conceal unkempt hair in the most ideal manner. Above all wearing, the gloves makes you brave enough to venture into any snow-clad terrain during winters. One takes full care during winter along with the heavier layers by putting the chocolate bars in the pocket along with the Chapstick to ensure no cracking on the delicate parts of the face.

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.

4.Enjoy the high weighty “FOOD”:

It is obligatory to eat fondue or some other weighty food. Enjoy the various Mutton Preparations rich in spices of your choice during the winter. You can partake in hot cocoa, put marshmallows in it and top it with whipped cream since it is winter. Fill your stomach with hot soup, cooked chestnuts, and cinnamon rolls. Winter has characterized solace food and when was solace food awful? (Never). This exquisitely carries us to the following point.

5. Cheat the Diet:

There is no compelling reason to have a fit figure in winter, which is excellent information. Your eating regimen can be what individuals in wellness circles call “high carb” and that is fine because your body normally requests this: the fatter you are, the less cool you are, and regular choice doesn’t work in winters.

6. Hair helps you keep warm so no worry about hair removal.

Heavier woolen socks and the disguise of layers of dress mean coverage of more body surfaces. Even men in winters would prefer keeping heavier beards since that would help them keep their facial skin warm. Similarly, for ladies who would normally keep their legs covered-also get for some time their worries off for the hair removed off in the winter months.

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.


Unwinding in a hot tub while the encompassing air cools and the stars get more brilliant or going to a sauna to heat and support your safe framework makes those cold temperatures awesome.

8. Take advantage of Winter-Short Days:

Although many individuals grumble about it yet, guess what? It’s an excellent pardon to be sluggish: you don’t need to be just about as useful as in the late spring when you swim in the lake, go out to shop, partake in a grill, and lounge around a huge fire on the seashore, everything. This is between 6 PM and 9 around evening time. In winter you can move up in a cover, eat a few chips, and go through hours observing all your number one TV series. Such is reality.

9.No Sweat during the Winters:

Feeling humiliated about having sweat stains is the most exceedingly awful thing happening on the clothes during summers. So less perspiration implies less personal stench, which is useful for the individuals who need to go by open vehicle. Truly, it is a mutually helpful time.

10. Who doesn’t care to cuddle?

You can go through the end of the week mornings being nearer to your cherished one, be it a human, pet, or PC. This is impossible in summer, because the sun will work everything out such that light and sweltering that you would prefer to get up early than have a person or thing appended to you.

11. Inhale the freshest air:

Whenever you are on top of a mountain in winter, take a full breath. Throughout the colder time of year, there is practically no contamination (not the bothersome sensitivity setting off the dust), and that natural air is what might be compared as a big boon. It is an amazing inclination.

Ravi speaks: Some People Like Winter And Some Don’t--'Part-I'.

12. Movie-Watchers/Bookworms cheer!
Would love to sit for longer warm hours for your book reading. Isn’t it brilliant to lie under your cover with a spotlight and lose yourself in the realm of your book? Or make yourself agreeable between a heap of cushions while you watch a film.

13. No Flies, mosquitoes, or Bugs Found: 

Also, celebrate that there are no bugs, Wasps, mosquitoes, and flies during winter. You don’t awaken with five mosquito chomps that tingle incredibly. You don’t need to keep away from specific food varieties for dread that they will draw in wasps. Or more everything, you don’t need to drive flies out of your ear while you rest. So, winter rules and this set of people are eagerly waiting for this season to arrive and they normally keep their important events, especially for winters to be performed with great fervor.

Contrary to popular belief, those who adore winter are not heartless. Unexpectedly, they possess a pure, wonderful soul that shines with an exceptional warmth. Winter is a time for spending time with loved ones and not necessarily because it is Christmas or travel season in many countries. You would prefer to stay at home during the colder months rather than leave. It suggests putting effort into it alongside others. Winter makes you want to share warmth with others, whether you invite friends or family around for dinner or a movie. It almost feels instinctual. Thus, those who adore winter do indeed possess the best hearts, capable of extending a warm welcome to everyone around them.