Top 16 low-calorie Indian foods.

Top 16 low-calorie Indian foods (Think stock photos/Getty Images)

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Being trim and lean is something that people always strive to achieve. They are free to take this to whatever lengths. They could even cut back on their regular diet and begin following very low-calorie plans. When you run into folks like this who have no formal credentials, it’s easy to see how “Tom, Dick, or Harry” had an impact on them and how they started following their instructions to keep their trim figures. Without a doubt, it is crucial for everyone to keep up their health and maintain a slender physique so that they may move around comfortably and complete their daily tasks without experiencing any difficulties from a chubby, immobile body. The sixteen low-calorie items recommended by the experts in The Times’ Lifestyle section are summarized here for everyone’s convenience. These are reliable and authentic, so there is no harm in following them strictly and finding a definite change in one’s body. Happy Reading:-

Top 16 low-calorie Indian foods.


Indian foods have a reputation of being very spicy, oily, and something that is slowly digested. While Westerners may believe all they want, this is not true. Usually, people think that healthy food cannot be tasty. Busting this myth, we list here 16 Indian foods that are healthy and delicious at the same time. Though definitely there are certain rules which include the usage of minimum butter, ghee, oil, cream, and cheese while you prepare them. Here is the list for you:
Buttermilk is a healthy option, as it is low in fat and helps with indigestion. It is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B12.

Calorie in one glass buttermilk: 32 calories.

Ragi dosa: Made from superfood, ragi, ragi dosa is a famous South Indian dish. Ragi is beneficial for weight watchers. It is high in fiber and has monosaturated fat.

Calorie in one ragi dosa (with less oil): 85 calories in one dosa.

Oats idli: Though it’s a South Indian dish idlis are loved by everyone. Ideally, idlis are prepared from rice batter or some time even from Rava batter. But to make idli healthier, you can try and make it from oats. Idli prepared from oats is a great option to start your day with.

Calorie in 2 idlis: 52 calories.

Chicken tikka: More popular among foreign tourists, chicken tikka is tasty along with many health benefits. But again, while preparing tikka, try to use fewer spices and oil as possible.

Calorie in 6 tikka: 270 calories.

Daal tadka (The famous yellow daal):The arhar daal is cooked in almost every Indian household and is enjoyed with rice even by small children. Daal is rich in protein and is easy to digest. People also use this daal to make porridge.

Calories in one bowl daal:120 calories.

Pappad: There is no doubt that pappads deep-fried in oil are more delicious to have. But if you want to be healthy, ditch this deep-fried papad and instead microwave it or directly put it on the flame. These microwaved pappads are any day healthier and crispier.

Calories in 1 pappad:55 calories.

Tandoori roti: Prepared from whole wheat and baked in a clay oven tandoori rotis make a good combination with any Indian curry. The way tandoori roti is prepared gives it a distinguished taste.

Calories in 1 tandoori roti:100 calories.

Tandoori chicken: When prepared with fewer spices and less oil, tandoori chicken is a healthy option due to the way it’s prepared in a clay oven.

Calories in one piece: 275 calories.

Mix vegetable curries: Mixed vegetable is one the best and easiest options to cook. Mixed vegetables give you the choice to select the vegetables you like and make your own new type.

Point to be noted: Prepare it in one tbsp of oil and minimum spices.

Calories in one small bowl: 100 calories approximately in 100 grams.

Fish curries: India is a country surrounded by seas and that is why we have a variety of dishes prepared from local fish. Try and prepare your fish in minimum spices and oil. Calorie intake: 325 calories for a small bowl.

Sprout salad:Sprouts are high in fiber and make a healthy snack for weight watchers. Just adding a few drops of lime and salt makes it tasty along with healthy. You can chop and add your choice of veggies to make it more delicious.

Calories in 100 grams sprouts: 95 calories.

Raita: Raita may be of any type cucumber, bottle guard or onion in all forms is a great way to cool the digestive tract after the dinner/lunch.

Calories in a small bowl or raita: 42 calories.

Palak paneer: Paneer is a healthy dairy product and palak is rich in iron. People who don’t like palak still love to consume it in this form.

Calories in one bowl:190 calories.

Rasam: Again, a famous South Indian dish prepared by different flavors from several Indian spices.

Calories in a small bowl: 60 calories.

Dhokla: Prepared from fermented ground flour dhokla is a top favorite Gujarati dish. The fermented ground flour is steamed to prepare dhokla.

Calories in one piece of dhokla: 25 calories.

Lemon rice: Though being a south Indian dish, lemon rice is a hot favorite among all.

Calories in one small plate: 185 calories. 

Source: The Times’s Lifestyle section                                         

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