“Surviving Trauma: The True Story of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s Ordeal”

The young couple who survived a horrific abduction—then were blamed for their own ordeal | The Independent

The Netflix docuseries “American Nightmare” explores the harrowing 2015 kidnapping of Denise Huskins from her boyfriend Aaron Quinn’s home in Vallejo, California. The series, directed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, unveils a disturbing sequence of events where the police initially framed Huskins as orchestrating a Gone Girl-style hoax. Over 48 hours, Huskins endured sexual assault, while Quinn faced false accusations and police skepticism. The case took a turn when a similar incident occurred in Dublin, leading to the arrest of Matthew Muller, a former Marine. Muller, sentenced to 40 years in federal prison, was the sole person charged in the case.

Huskins and Quinn, now married, filed a defamation lawsuit against Vallejo police, settling for $2.5 million. Despite apologies from Chief Shawny Williams, they continue to advocate for police accountability. The trauma ultimately strengthened their relationship, and they have two daughters. The couple’s story sheds light on systemic failures in the justice system and the enduring impact of trauma, emphasizing the need for compassion and reform.

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