Taking a Stand: Dhanashree Verma’s Defiant Response to Online Trolling”

Dhanashree Verma and Indian Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal

Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma, a renowned choreographer, form a dynamic duo. Their joint appearances on Instagram reels are well-received. Dhanashree Verma frequently accompanies Yuzvendra Chahal to his matches. In the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL), Chahal will represent the Rajasthan Royals, where Dhanashree is expected to attend some of his games. Recently, a viral photograph of Dhanashree Verma with choreographer Pratik Utekar (now deleted) sparked a wave of trolling directed at her.

Now, Dhanashree has delivered a poignant response to the trolling. In a video shared on Instagram, she remarked: “It’s easier to express empathy and humanity before passing judgments or opinions.

“Throughout my life, I’ve maintained a level of indifference towards trolls or memes, either brushing them off with maturity or laughing them away. However, a recent instance of trolling has impacted me profoundly, primarily because it’s extended its reach to affect my family and loved ones. In the vast realm of social media, where freedom of expression reigns, many tend to overlook or intentionally disregard the sentiments of individuals and their families. This realization prompted me to take a hiatus from social media, which, I must confess, brought a sense of tranquility.”

She continued, “Yet, this hiatus also underscored the potential for negativity to pervade this platform, fostering a culture of animosity and discord on a significant scale. Given that social media plays a pivotal role in my profession, I couldn’t afford to sever ties completely. Hence, today, armed with renewed resolve and creativity, I return to Instagram. I implore you all to exercise a modicum of sensitivity and appreciate our talents and skills because, ultimately, we’re here to entertain you. Please remember, I’m just a woman, akin to your mother, sister, friend, or wife. This treatment is unjust and uncalled for. So, let’s strive for a more compassionate approach.”

Dhanashree Verma earned a wildcard entry on the dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’. During an interview, she shed light on her husband – Indian cricket team spinner Yuzvendra Chahal’s supportive stance regarding her participation. She revealed that Chahal offered unwavering encouragement, urging her to excel on the show.

“Yuzvendra has been incredibly supportive; he encouraged me to participate wholeheartedly in the show. He reassured me of my capabilities and advised me to give it my best shot. We share a profound mutual support,” Dhanashree expressed in an interview with ETimes.

“The competition on ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ is fierce. Adrija Sinha is a remarkable dancer, and I view her as my competition. Considering the overall competition, every contestant is delivering exceptional performances, making it challenging to single out one. Each participant has evolved throughout the show, demonstrating remarkable progress. However, I acknowledge that my foremost competition is with myself, followed by the other contestants,” she concluded.

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