“Taking a Stand: Sachin Pilot on Political Discourse and Dignity in the Kangana Ranaut Controversy”

No One Has Right To…”: Sachin Pilot To NDTV On Kangana Ranaut Row

Sachin Pilot, a Congress leader, addressed the controversy surrounding Supriya Shrinate’s remarks about Kangana Ranaut, emphasizing the party’s stance against defending wrongful statements. Speaking at the NDTV Yuva Conclave, Pilot stressed the importance of maintaining parliamentary language and avoiding character assassination in politics. He advocated for focusing on issue-based politics, especially during significant elections, to address concerns directly affecting voters. The dispute stemmed from a derogatory Instagram post by Shrinate on Ranaut’s electoral debut, prompting the National Commission of Women to file a complaint. Ranaut responded, highlighting her diverse roles and advocating for dignity for all women. Shrinate clarified that the post was made by someone with access to her social media accounts and promptly deleted it, asserting her commitment to respectful discourse.

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