Unveiling the Unusual: A Tale of Celebration and Unexpected Turns in a 25-Year Journey

The plaque was presented in celebration of my 25-year completion in a meeting at Delhi


“In ’38 Years of Selling,‘ I delved into an unusual facet of my journey—the unexpected treatment during felicitation. This article revisits the poignant emotions stirred by those hurtful experiences. It aims to shed light on the less glamorous side of the sales profession, where encounters with higher authorities reveal a prideful attitude. Through this candid reflection, the intent is to resonate with fellow sales professionals, offering a nuanced perspective on the challenges within the industry, beyond the glossy exterior.”

In the realm of professional milestones, celebrating 25 years of dedicated service is a momentous occasion, a time when expectations soar high. The anticipation of joy, recognition, and camaraderie is almost palpable. However, not every celebration unfolds as expected. Join me in revisiting a peculiar chapter from my published book, “38 Years of Selling,” where the festivities took an unexpected turn, leaving an indelible mark on my memory.

Felicitation Lost in Translation

Ravi Speaks: “My 25 Years’ Tenure Completion in 2007—Felicitated Uniquely”

The term ‘felicitation’ often conjures images of joyous recognition, but in my case, it lost its meaning. In the midst of celebrating a quarter-century with The Himalaya Drug Company, the felicitation I anticipated took an unusual turn.

The Curious Case of ‘Felicitate’

In the realm of words, ‘felicitate’ has had its own journey. Originally meaning “made happily,” it evolved into “to congratulate.” Yet, on occasions like completing a significant tenure, the essence of felicitation should bring forth happiness and gratitude. In my narrative, however, this was not the case.

The Gloomy Celebration

As the calendar marked 2007, a meeting was convened in Delhi to commemorate my 25 years of service. Expecting a joyous celebration, I was met with a disheartening start. The morning echoed with my GM’s dissatisfaction over trivial matters, overshadowing the significance of the day.

A Gloomy Morning Tea Break

Amidst the usual meeting proceedings, the morning tea break became an opportunity to unravel the mystery behind my GM’s discontent. Attempting to approach him, I was met with a wall of annoyance, leaving me perplexed about the unfolding events.As the clock struck tea break, participants gathered for a mid-morning reprieve, only to find themselves sipping on “A Gloomy Morning Tea Break.”

Formality Over Fervor

Formalities overshadowed fervor, leaving attendees exchanging puzzled glances instead of heartfelt congratulations. It’s like the joy got lost somewhere between the tea and the teacups!The pinnacle of the event arrived when my GM, seemingly for the sake of formality, presented me with a plaque, a citation, and a nominal cash prize. My attempt to infuse genuine gratitude during my speech was overshadowed by the somber atmosphere that lingered throughout the meeting.

Unusual Perceptions Amongst Participants

Lunchtime brought candid expressions from my Zonal Manager and other participants who sensed the unusual happenings. Despite the discord, their encouragement injected a glimmer of confidence, underscoring the significance of genuine celebrations.

The Unexpected Showdown

The story took an unexpected turn a month later, during a larger meeting at the Radisson Hotel. The inner guilt of my GM surfaced, leading to a confrontation with the CEO, unraveling the complexities that marred the initial celebration.

CEO’s Intervention

Called out of the meeting hall, I found myself facing a confrontation orchestrated by my GM in the presence of the CEO. Seizing the moment, I recounted the events of the previous meeting, prompting the CEO to acknowledge the impropriety of public reprimands.

Just when all hope seemed lost, a glimmer of salvation appeared in the form of “CEO’s Intervention.” The chief executive officer stepped into the fray, aiming to salvage the celebration from the clutches of confusion. It was a moment of leadership that transformed the atmosphere, steering the event back on track.

Eddy Currents of Professionalism

Such professional eddy currents, though unsettling, serve to realign perspectives and rectify aberrations. My 25-year celebration, initially marred, became a testament to the importance of genuine recognition and the impact of authority when wielded responsibly.As we navigated the ebb and flow of professional dynamics, we encountered “Eddy Currents of Professionalism.” The unexpected currents of formality and miscommunication created ripples, challenging the participants to navigate the uncharted waters of corporate decorum.


In the tapestry of professional life, unexpected twists weave tales of resilience and maturity. This narrative serves as a reminder that even in the face of unusual events, the fervor of celebration can be revived through genuine acknowledgment and the responsible use of authority.

In the grand scheme of things, what can we gather from this curious journey? The “Conclusion” is both enlightening and cautionary. It reminds us that even in the world of professionalism, the essence of acknowledgment should never be lost in translation. It teaches us to treasure genuine moments of celebration, where sincerity trumps formality and communication transcends confusion.

So, dear readers, as you embark on your own professional adventures, may you never encounter a felicitation lost in translation. Instead, let every celebration be a beacon of shared joy, unmarred by the shadows of misunderstanding. Here’s to clarity, camaraderie, and the curious tales that make our professional journeys all the more intriguing! Cheers!