“Tanuj Virwani’s Intimate Wedding: A Blend of Love and Simplicity 💍🌿

Exclusive! Tanuj Virwani to tie the knot on Christmas | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Tanuj Virwani, a Bollywood actor, is set to tie the knot with his longtime partner, Tanya Jacob, on December 25, 2023, in Lonavala. Virwani shared his mother, Rati Agnihotri’s, joy at the news, highlighting her desire for him to settle down. The couple, belonging to small families, plans to reside with Virwani’s parents.

In an India Today interview, Virwani expressed his preference for an intimate wedding, eschewing grand celebrations. Citing concerns for the well-being of the bride and groom, he opted for a more modest affair at his farmhouse with a limited guest list.

Virwani, aged 37, acknowledged keeping his relationship private to avoid detracting from his professional focus. He emphasized the organic nature of his connection with Jacob and the practicality of marriage to overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship, given her base in Singapore.

The couple celebrated their engagement on November 17 in Singapore, involving family and friends. This insight into Virwani’s personal life provides a glimpse of his approach to relationships and his commitment to maintaining a balance between personal and professional spheres.

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