“Tragic Consequences of IPL Betting: Wife’s Suicide Sparks Concern”

IPL Betting, Online Betting: Karnataka Woman Dies By Suicide After Husband Racks Up Betting Debt Of Rs 1 Crore

The tragic incident in Karnataka’s Chitradurga unfolds a distressing narrative of a young wife’s suicide following her husband’s substantial debts incurred through IPL betting. Darshan Babu, an engineer, indulged in high-stakes cricket betting, accumulating debts exceeding ₹1 crore. His wife, Ranjitha, aged 23, tired of incessant harassment from creditors, took her own life. The couple’s financial strain stemmed from Darshan’s betting activities, beginning in 2021 and persisting until 2023, leading to severe monetary repercussions. Allegedly coerced into betting by promises of easy wealth, Darshan succumbed to financial entanglements, borrowing substantial sums, leaving a pending debt of ₹84 lakh despite returning ₹1 crore. Ranjitha’s father, Venkatesh, disclosed her distress over creditors’ harassment, blaming it for her suicide. He implicated 13 individuals who purportedly lent money to Darshan. Furthermore, a suicide note corroborated the couple’s ordeal, shedding light on their torment. The tragedy leaves behind a two-year-old son, highlighting the devastating consequences of unchecked gambling addiction.

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