Tragic Mix-Up: Sisters File $60 Million Lawsuit Against Funeral Home for Wrong Burial

The news published in many dailies-reports on a distressing incident where two sisters, Stacy Holzman and Megan Zaner, have filed a $60 million lawsuit against two funeral homes in the US. The sisters accuse Fletcher Funeral and Cremation Service in Fountain Inn, S.C., of mistakenly burying a stranger in their father’s grave. The deceased, Clifford Zaner, had passed away at his South Carolina home due to heart failure. Before his death, he had expressed his wish to be buried in black jeans and his favorite Led Zeppelin T-shirt.

However, after his passing, the wrong man’s body was sent to the funeral home and subsequently buried in their father’s burial clothes. The sisters noticed discrepancies when they viewed the body before the funeral. They observed that the deceased lacked a mustache and had stitches on his forehead, suggesting an autopsy had been performed, which had not been the case for their father.

The Star of David Memorial Chapel funeral home, which handled the funeral arrangements, initially insisted that they had received the correct body from Fletcher Funeral Service. But after three weeks, they admitted to the mix-up. Another funeral was held with the correct remains, but the father’s favorite T-shirt was missing.

The grieving family seeks justice and accountability through the $60 million lawsuit, aiming to prevent such distressing mistakes from happening to others in the future. The sisters also claim to have not received a refund for the first funeral service, which involved the wrong remains. The incident highlights the importance of ensuring meticulous care and accuracy in handling deceased individuals to avoid causing further anguish to grieving families.

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