Tragic Moscow Concert Attack:

Moscow attack: How is ISIS-K different from ISIS? – AS USA

The Moscow attack, described by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “barbaric terrorist act,” resulted in the arrest of all four gunmen responsible for the assault on a concert venue. The attackers killed 133 people and injured over 140 by storming the building, firing indiscriminately, and setting it ablaze. The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack, although Russia has not confirmed this assertion. The incident sparked international condemnation, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accusing Putin of attempting to shift blame to Ukraine. The US National Security Council had previously warned Russia of potential attacks on large gatherings, including concerts. Reports detail the chaotic scene inside the Crocus City Hall, where concertgoers fled in panic as gunmen opened fire. The attackers used flammable liquid to set fire to parts of the venue, resulting in deaths from gunshot wounds and smoke inhalation. In response, Russia declared a national day of mourning, with memorials and blood donations honoring the victims

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