“Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3M in Defamation Case: Impactful Verdict Unveiled”

Trump trial live updates: Trump ordered E. Jean Carroll to pay $83.3m for defamation | The Independent

The website discusses a New York jury’s decision ordering former President Donald Trump to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll for defaming her after she accused him of sexual assault. The jury awarded $65 million in punitive damages, $11 million for reputation damage, and an additional $7.3 million. Despite the sizable penalty, the verdict aligns with Judge Lewis Kaplan’s pre-trial ruling that Trump had indeed defamed Carroll. Trump, likely to appeal, faced a similar order to pay $5 million last year for a separate defamation case.

The Trump 2024 campaign denounced the verdict, calling it a “political weapon.” The decision comes as Trump leads in the GOP primary, amidst other legal challenges, including a potential $250 million payment to New York for fraudulent business practices. Carroll’s lawsuit, initially blocked by Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, gained momentum in 2023, ultimately resulting in the recent verdict.

Carroll testified that Trump’s denial of her assault claim devastated her reputation, leading to a significant decline in advice column inquiries and an increase in threats. Trump’s defense argued against tracing damages to him directly, emphasizing the gap between Carroll’s allegations and his comments. Trump’s brief testimony reiterated his previous deposition, denying any instruction to harm Carroll and framing the trial as election interference.

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