“Trump’s Fundraising Frenzy: A Billionaire Backed Battle for Cash Supremacy”

Trump Scores New Billionaire Donors As Campaign Seeks Badly Needed Cash, Report Says

Wealthy benefactors are gearing up to shower Donald Trump with millions this April: a formidable force in fundraising. Currently lagging behind Biden in available funds, Trump finds himself in a race to catch up. Reported by Andrew Mark Miller for Fox News on April 5, 2024, at 2:38 pm EDT.

Lara Trump tackles RNC fundraising woes and addresses criticism from Charlie Kirk. Big-money backers are rallying behind former President Donald Trump, now the presumed GOP nominee, as he strives to bridge the gap in funds with President Biden, who recently set a fundraising record.

In Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend, Trump will participate in what’s dubbed as an “Inaugural Leadership Dinner,” attended by prominent Republican donors. This marks the onset of a significant effort to diminish Biden’s lead in available funds.

The event, spearheaded by hedge-fund mogul John Paulson, will be co-chaired by hedge fund tycoon Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, alongside oil magnate Harold Hamm, hotelier Robert Bigelow, and casino tycoon Steve Wynn.

Previously, Bigelow and Hamm directed funds towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his unsuccessful presidential bid against Trump in the primaries. Hamm has also contributed to former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign.

Scott Bessent, founder of investment firm Key Square Group and former chief investment officer at George Soros’s Soros Fund Management, is slated to co-host the event. Rumors suggest Bessent may be considered for a cabinet position in a potential second Trump administration.

Also in attendance will be Jason Trennert, Chairman, and CEO of Strategas, a leading figure in Wall Street’s intellectual circles.

Expected participants include Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, Woody Johnson, co-owner of the New York Jets, and Wilbur Ross, Trump’s former Secretary of Commerce.

The event culminates at the “Chairman Level,” commanding a price tag of $824,600, ensuring seating at the ex-president’s table.

“Having won the primaries decisively, with a landslide victory against all 10 contenders, it’s time for Republicans to unite behind President Trump,” remarked Paulsen to Bloomberg. “That’s why I’m hosting this inaugural event, to rally the widespread support for the president.”

This event follows President Biden’s successful fundraising efforts, raising at least $26 million in a star-studded event featuring former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Many anticipate Trump’s fundraising efforts to surpass that record and potentially reach around $43 million.

On April 10, Trump will host a fundraising luncheon in the swing state of Georgia, joined by former Georgia Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Notable GOP donors, including Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and poultry industry executive Tommy Bagwell, are expected to attend.

Simultaneously, Trump will hold a fundraiser in Orlando, Florida, with attorney Dan Newlin.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Whatley commented, “President Donald J. Trump has once again spearheaded a fundraising juggernaut among Republicans. Despite being the presumptive nominee for less than a month, the RNC and Trump campaign operate as one unified force, focused on victory.”

“We’re raising funds and strategically investing to drive voter turnout and safeguard the ballot. We anticipate a significant win in just 31 weeks,” Whatley affirmed.

Fox News Digital verified that Trump and the RNC amassed $65.6 million in March, concluding the month with $93.1 million in cash reserves. These figures encompass contributions from various fundraising committees.

While Trump trails in available funds, The New York Times reported in February that he leads Biden in small-dollar donors, those contributing less than $200.

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