“Tucson’s Fare-Free Transit: A Community Commitment for Equity and Accessibility 🚌”

Tucson is about to take action on the future of free transit fares (AZ Luminaria).

The reliance of our community on fare-free public transit has burgeoned over the past quartet of years, buoyed by a swelling wave of endorsement from local enterprises, establishments, non-governmental organizations, and grassroots collectives. Acknowledging this burgeoning reliance, the Mayor and Council, with unanimous accord last May, pledged an enduring commitment to fare-free transit, extending indefinitely, unless overturned by subsequent vote. This Tuesday, they shall deliberate upon the City Manager’s recent counsel to reintroduce fares for both Sun Link and Sun Express services.

The primary rationale underpinning this counsel orbits budgetary considerations. Municipal authorities assert their struggles in securing financial endorsement from entities directly benefiting from fare-free transit. Nevertheless, our local stewards must demonstrate unwavering dedication to seeking remedies. They must shoulder the onus of ensuring that the city’s financial framework comprehensively caters to the needs of our populace, even in the absence of external support β€” particularly in neighborhoods historically deprived of investment. Imposing fares due to the failure to resolve funding for an essential service such as public transit ultimately shifts the burden onto those least capable of shouldering it. For those of us reliant on public transit in our daily routines, the culpable party matters little; the ramifications remain unchanged.

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