“United Airlines Hit by Boeing Woes: $200M Loss and Safety Concerns”

Boeing’s problems just cost United $200 million | CNN Business

United Airlines reported a $200 million loss in the first quarter due to issues with Boeing, primarily the grounding of its 737 Max 9 fleet following a door plug incident on an Alaska Airlines flight. Despite relying heavily on Boeing planes, United faces safety concerns, including engine fires and wheel detachment, prompting CEO Scott Kirby to reassure customers about safety measures. The FAA is increasing scrutiny on United. Boeing’s problems extend beyond publicity, impacting United’s plane deliveries. United now expects 40 fewer single-aisle jets from Boeing this year and delays in receiving the Boeing 737 Max 10, potentially until 2025 due to safety concerns. As a result, United is converting some Max 10 orders to the Max 9 and leasing Airbus A321neos. United’s adjusted loss for the quarter was $50 million, an improvement from the previous year, with revenue increasing by nearly 10% to $12.5 million.

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