“Unmasking the Kashmiri Conman: A Tale of Deceit and Multiple Identities”

The Kashmir Police was also on a hunt to arrest Sayad Ishaan Bukhari

In a bizarre case, a Kashmiri man, Sayad Ishaan Bukhari, was apprehended in Odisha for orchestrating a complex web of deceit by assuming multiple identities, including that of a neurosurgeon, an army doctor, and a PMO official. Bukhari, arrested by the Odisha Police Special Task Force, engaged in fraudulent activities, forging documents to present himself as a qualified doctor with degrees from prestigious institutions like Cornell University and the Christian Medical College in Tamil Nadu.

The conman, suspected of having ties with individuals in Pakistan and Kerala, used his false identities to dupe people through various websites and apps. Additionally, he married at least six women from different regions of India, leading to suspicions of involvement with anti-national elements. Though evidence suggests his fraudulent activities, his exact role in potential terror plots remains uncertain. The Kashmir Police, pursuing him for forgery and cheating charges, highlights his wide-reaching criminal activities.

As investigations unfold, a joint team from Punjab, Kashmir, and Odisha is set to interrogate Bukhari, emphasizing the severity and complexity of the case. The police have filed cases under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, awaiting further details to ascertain the extent of his involvement in espionage or other illicit activities.

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