“Unpacking Megyn Kelly’s Take on Kate Middleton: Fame vs. Privacy”

Megyn Kelly Claims Kate Middleton ‘Did Not Sit’ for Doctored Family Photo: ‘Something’s Wrong

Megyn Kelly, on her podcast, showed no sympathy towards Kate Middleton amidst controversies. Kelly asserted that being famous entails enduring gossip, implying Middleton should have expected it. She questioned Middleton’s reaction to paparazzi shots and emphasized the public’s right to know about her personal affairs, given her status. Kelly criticized Middleton’s handling of media attention, particularly her release of a questionable photograph. Dismissing Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of Middleton on “The View,” Kelly defended public interest in royal affairs, arguing that Middleton chose her position and should accept the scrutiny. She suggested Middleton could have opted for a private life, highlighting the trade-off between fame and privacy. Kelly’s stance underscores the media’s scrutiny of public figures and the expectation that royals must navigate public attention with grace.

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