Unraveling America’s Obsession with China: Hindering Global Solutions

Unraveling the US-China decoupling myths – Chinadaily.com.cn

The article discusses America’s fixation on China as a threat and its potential consequences. It highlights how this obsession detracts from addressing domestic challenges and global issues such as climate change, wars, and AI risks. Despite recent diplomatic talks between the US and China, tensions persist, with the US Senate considering a bill to ban TikTok and Republicans advocating for military reallocation from Ukraine to counter China. The piece points out a paradox wherein China is urged to mediate in global conflicts, yet doing so may allow the US to focus more on opposing China. It also touches on a previous agreement between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden regarding fentanyl precursor exports, emphasizing China’s expectation of reciprocity in cooperation. The article suggests that America’s fear of China may lead to misdiagnosing problems, distracting from internal issues like social divisions and threats to democracy. It concludes by urging the US to adopt a more balanced approach to China to address domestic concerns and contribute effectively to global challenges.

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