“International Response: US-UK Strikes Against Houthi Threats in Yemen”

US and UK strike Houthi targets in Yemen after weeks of Red Sea attacks

The United States and Britain conducted strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, marking the first direct action against the Iran-backed group since it began targeting international shipping in the Red Sea last year. President Joe Biden emphasized that these targeted strikes send a clear message that the U.S. and its partners will not tolerate attacks on personnel or threats to freedom of navigation. The British Ministry of Defense stated that early indications suggest a blow to the Houthis’ ability to threaten merchant shipping. The ongoing strikes, involving aircraft, ships, and submarines, aim to weaken Houthi military capabilities.

The Houthis, controlling most of Yemen, have defied international calls to halt missile and drone attacks on Red Sea shipping routes. They claim to support Hamas, and their attacks have disrupted global commerce on a route accounting for 15% of world shipping

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