Tragic Loss of Vegan Influencer Zhanna D’Art Highlights Health Risks of Extreme Diets”

Tragic End: Vegan Influencer Zhanna D’Art’s Fatal Dieting Journey – Tamil News – IndiaGlitz.com

The website article reports on the tragic death of Zhanna Samsonova, a 39-year-old vegan influencer known as Zhanna D’Art, who reportedly died of starvation after following an all-raw vegan diet for at least a decade. Her social media accounts were used to promote raw foods. She passed away on July 21 while on a tour in Southeast Asia, where she sought medical treatment. However, she had reportedly been avoiding medical help despite looking exhausted and having health issues, such as swollen legs oozing lymph.

A friend described the concern for her well-being, mentioning that they feared finding her lifeless body every day. Although her mother attributed her death to a “cholera-like infection,” some speculate that it was due to exhaustion and the stress imposed on her body by her strict vegan diet.

According to a close friend, for the last seven years, Zhanna had only consumed two fruits – giant, sweet jackfruit, and durian. Both fruits are known for their distinctive characteristics, with durian being recognized for its strong and unpleasant odor.

Zhanna was vocal about her satisfaction with her restrictive eating regimen, describing the transformation of her body and mind positively. The article highlights the potential dangers of extreme dietary practices and raises awareness about the importance of seeking proper medical advice and maintaining a balanced diet for overall health.

The tragic story of Zhanna Samsonova serves as a reminder of the significance of balanced nutrition and the potential risks associated with extreme dieting practices.

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