“Unveiling the World’s Rarest Passport: Inside the Sovereign Military Order of Malta”

This Passport Is Rarest In The World; Only 500 People On Earth Have It

The article discusses the rarity and significance of the diplomatic passport issued by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, with only approximately 500 in circulation worldwide. Originating in the 1300s, these passports were initially used for diplomatic missions, evolving over time to incorporate modern features. The passports, primarily designated for Sovereign Council members and diplomatic mission leaders, feature distinct characteristics like crimson covers and gold lettering. Grand Masters’ passports are valid for a decade, while others last four years and are solely for diplomatic missions. Despite lacking formal diplomatic relations with certain countries, the Order collaborates closely, providing humanitarian aid globally. Notably, the passport is acknowledged by two-thirds of Schengen members, facilitating international travel for its holders. The Sovereign Order of Malta operates in 120 countries, offering medical, social, and humanitarian assistance to those in need.

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