“Zomato’s Pure Veg Mode: Catering to Dietary Preferences with Social Responsibility”

Mr Goyal elaborated upon the reason behind introduction of the company’s “Pure Veg Mode” service.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal addressed backlash over the introduction of the “Pure Veg Mode” service, stating they would revoke it if it resulted in negative social repercussions. Goyal clarified that the segregation of fleets aimed to prevent food spillage and subsequent odor contamination in delivery boxes. The new service caters to customers’ dietary preferences, not religious or political inclinations. He emphasized that participation in the “Pure Veg Fleet” wouldn’t be based on delivery partners’ dietary choices. The decision stemmed from feedback from vegetarian customers, leading to the launch of a dedicated service and fleet for pure vegetarian orders. Goyal highlighted India’s high percentage of vegetarians and their specific requirements regarding food preparation and handling. The “Pure Veg Fleet” would exclusively deliver from vegetarian restaurants, using green delivery boxes to distinguish them. Delivery persons in this fleet would not handle non-vegetarian meals or enter non-vegetarian restaurants while carrying green boxes. Goyal reassured that Zomato would retract the service if it resulted in significant negative social consequences.

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