“Unlocking India’s Potential: Apple’s Next Move with iPhone Pro Assembly”

Apple’s iPhone production to move in India, MacBook assembly to Thailand: Report | Mint

The article discusses the potential benefits of Apple considering the assembly of its iPhone Pro models in India, similar to its rival Samsung’s strategy. While Samsung already manufactures its latest flagship devices in India, Apple has been gradually increasing its assembly operations in the country. The analysis highlights several reasons for Apple to expand its assembly efforts:

Risk Mitigation & Supply Chain Resilience: The report notes Apple’s past struggles due to COVID-19 restrictions at its assembly facility in China, resulting in supply shortages and substantial financial losses. By diversifying assembly locations, particularly for its Pro models, Apple could reduce the impact of such disruptions and enhance supply chain resilience.

Technology Leadership: The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models will feature advanced semiconductor technology, giving Apple a competitive edge. Ensuring a robust supply chain strategy becomes essential to capitalize on this advantage and maintain leadership in the market.

US-China Chip Tensions: Escalating tensions between the US and China have prompted both countries to focus on self-sufficiency in advanced chip production. Diversifying supply chains away from China aligns with this strategy. Manufacturing iPhone Pro models in India, with cutting-edge semiconductor technology, could support Apple’s efforts in this direction.

Despite these potential advantages, the article notes that sources close to Apple suggest no immediate plans for assembling iPhone 15 Pro models in India. The overall analysis encourages Apple to consider diversifying its assembly operations as a strategic move to mitigate risks, ensure supply chain stability, and maintain its competitive position in the smartphone market.

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