“Exploring Bidenflation: The Reality Behind America’s Economic Challenges”

Significant rise in inflation, termed “Bidenflation

The article discusses the significant rise in inflation, termed “Bidenflation,” under President Biden’s administration. It highlights a 18.8% increase in prices, with core prices stubbornly remaining at 3.8%. Despite attempts to shift blame onto the previous administration, the piece underscores Biden’s failure to effectively address inflation, which has steadily risen since his inauguration. The text attributes inflation to excessive money printing and government spending, resulting in a hidden tax on citizens. This inflation surge has led to a decline in real wages, making it difficult for families to afford basic necessities. The article also points out the impact on housing affordability, with average monthly payments for new homes increasing drastically. It concludes by mentioning the prominence of inflation and food prices as key concerns among Americans, as revealed by a recent TIPP Poll.

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