8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

8 reasons not to lose weight fast: 

8 reasons why not to lose weight fast?

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Most people trying very hard to lose weight but not getting success, so what could be the reason?

In this situation, everyone prefers to be healthy and get a slim body. In fact, globally, during the COVID period, everyone suffering from covid-19 infection, all work, offices and business was closed. According to the situation, most people were at home with no activities. As a result people had high chances of getting more weight and fat on the body.

Even they were trying to reduce weight and following many kinds of diet plan, home exercise as well but not lose bodyweight. Here I would like to share some of my personal 7 years of experience in the fitness field. In this blog, I will share the reason primary cause why people gain more weight. so here are the 8 reasons not lose weight.

1. drinking sugary drinks:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Drinking sugary drinks is one of the main reasons also we can’t lose our bodyweight fast. As our habits and culture in every time in office, meeting even if we visit outside mostly we having tea, coffee, juice, cold drinks, etc. which has a high content of sugar and unhealthy ingredients which helps to gain more weight.

These kinds of sugary drinks totally damage our digestive system. As a result, our body can’t get more energy from food. At last, we are getting more weight. So the idea of losing bodyweight fast at home or gym we must stay away from this kind of sugary drinks. Because this is also the main reason not to lose weight fast.

2. wrong meal:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Your right meal is another key to keeping your body healthy and condition. But just opposite, if you take a wrong meal with high calories, it might gain more bodyweight day by day. The idea to maintain your food is not to eat all the time from restaurants or hotels because they use lots of oil and unnecessary ingredients to make tasty food but not healthy. If possible, always prepare your male by self with high protein and high fiber, which can burn body fat fast. Also, you can eat green salad and fruits in your mail to improve your digestive system.

3. Less daily activities:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Not losing weight, even you doing regular exercise and following a diet plan. But all the time only seating means it may cause fewer daily activities in your daily life. Idea to lose bodyweight, you must need to do more activities. For example, if you are working in an office not to seat all the time. sometimes stretch your body and walk around.  If you are going to a short distance market or shop not to use your car bike better you go through walking or cycling. And regular exercise is the best way to reduce weight faster. If you do exercise regularly, 40 to 60 minutes daily can burn 700 to 800 calories extra than your BMR. So keep doing more activities to lose weight fast.

4. Low metabolism rate in the body:

Your energy will burn your body fat fast. If you have more energy, energy, that means you can burn more fat. But your energy level depends on your metabolism rate. If your metabolism rate is high, then only your body can convert your food into an energy well. But some of our bat food habits destroy our digestive system because of our weak digestive system our metabolism rate getting low day by day. As a result, we gain more weight.

But there is some homemade solution to improve our metabolism, for example, every morning before 30 minutes of our breakfast we can drink hot water with lemon, hot water with Ginger powder, hot water with cinnamon powder, even we can eat raw garlic and Ginger to improve our digestive system.

5. Sleep well on time:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Proper sleep is another important factor in being healthy physically and mentally. For the human being, 7-8 hours is most important to get deep rest to reset our body for the next morning. Even proper sleeping can improve our body and internal organs’ function. Proper body function also helps to maintain body weight. Even everyone is very busy in life and some persons have time but they waste time on unnecessary things. But instead of wasting time we can complete our sleeping time to be healthy and also can reduce body weight quick.

6. Weak mentality:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Our week mentality is also one reason we can’t lose body weight fast. If mentally strong, we can take every right decision to follow our meal plan, follow our workout routine regularly. Some persons getting very excited to do exercise or follow some strict diet plan but can’t get consistent on the decision as a result zero.

That means can’t do continued exercise can’t follow a good diet plan regularly. So here we can say if we are strong from the mind, then surely can follow every rule for our health. Those kinds of positive rules and positive decisions always can keep us healthy, fit and fine in our life.

7 . Not doing correct cardio:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Gaining weight is the major problem for everyone, even they are doing hard work in the gym or at-home exercise. But also not getting success to reduce weight. The reason is wrong exercise and a wrong cardio routine. There are two types of exercise. First is high-calorie-burning exercise and low-calorie burning. There are some high calories burning exercises like treadmill, running, burpees, rope, jumping Jacks, elliptical trainer, etc. If we perform this kind of exercise for only 20 minutes, you can burn 400 to 500 cal easily, which is very high-calorie-burning cardio.

Strength training means heavy weight lifting training if we are a beginner, of course, will be difficult to perform with heavyweight, but if we do consistently within 15 days can increase our level to burn more calories every day. Which can help you reduce the body weight quick.

8. Not drinking enough water:-

8 Reasons Why Not to Lose Weight: Embracing Self-Acceptance

Water has another important role in our healthy life. fact 72% to 75% in our body has water to better function and flush out waste materials from our body. But just opposite if we do not drink enough water means 3-4 litters of water every day. Our body function system will be dis balanced even our metabolism rate will get low, as a result, we gain more and more weight every day. The idea to be always better health we must need to drink water in an as much we can on time to time every day.

Bottom line

At last, I would like to say if you follow your exercise routine, diet plan regularly with a strong mindset, of course, you can get success to be healthy all the time. Yes, we are human beings so sometimes we like to enjoy different tastes different food. But also keep remembering which day you will take cheat meal you should consume fewer calories as much you can and stay away from bakery items, sugary items, cold drinks, oily items, fried, etc. this all equals the ideas on 8 reasons not losing weight fast.

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