“Storm Reid Speaks Out on ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Delay: Hopeful Amid Disappointment”

Euphoria’ Actor Doubts Season 3 Will Ever Happen

The article discusses Storm Reid’s response to the postponement of filming for the third season of “Euphoria.” Reid expresses disappointment but understands the logistical challenges that led to the delay. She emphasizes the importance of handling the show with care, considering the effort the cast has invested. Despite the setback, she remains optimistic about the eventual production of the season.

Reid acknowledges the show’s impact in portraying authentic depictions of addiction and mental health issues, highlighting the commitment to authenticity in future episodes. She plays Gia in the series, the sister of Zendaya’s character Rue. The production delay adds to previous setbacks, including Hollywood strikes and the death of co-star Angus Cloud.

The article mentions the notable cast members and the critical acclaim received by the series, including awards won by Zendaya and Colman Domingo. It also notes that the third season was initially set to premiere in 2025, following the success of the second season, which debuted in January 2022.

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