“Supreme Court Rejects Patanjali Apologies: Calls for Accountability & Consumer Safety”

Patanjali-Ramdev misleading ads case: Supreme Court refuses to accept Baba Ramdev’s, Patanjali’s

The Supreme Court refused Patanjali founders Ramdev and Balkrishna’s apologies for deceptive advertisements, criticizing their insincerity. Justices Kohli and Amanullah chastised the Uttarakhand authority for inaction and expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s response. They highlighted the founders’ delay in submitting apologies to the court, suggesting a prioritization of publicity. Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi represented the founders but faced criticism for the drafted affidavits’ quality. The court questioned the sincerity of the apologies and emphasized consequences for flouting court orders. It condemned the licensing authority’s laxity and demanded suspensions, accusing them of collusion. The court reproached the authority’s neglect and mocked its compliance. It raised concerns about consumer safety and urged action against misleading advertisements. The court scheduled further proceedings for April 16, indicating impending decisions on Ramdev and Balkrishna.

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