To Whomsoever It May Concern: An Open Letter Regarding Google-Discover Activation on my domain.

A glimpse of my website titled “News Outlook Translate Opinion Indeed” with URL: https://ravitiku.com with search console domain:ravitiku.com

To the Google Discover Team,

I write this letter feeling a little disappointed, surprised, and frustrated at the same time. As the owner of a blog that is driven by intelligent commentary and debate on global news, I find it incomprehensible that in spite of my best efforts, my platform is still not included in Google Discover.

Please allow me to introduce myself and explain what Ravitiku.com is all about. We explore a wide range of subjects under the main category “Ravi Speaks,” providing insightful viewpoints and analysing historical events that have shaped our universe. Thousands of articles have been written under this umbrella, and our site maintains a steady readership of hundreds of dedicated readers each day.

The main goals of our work are to inform readers about world events, encourage discussion, and offer insightful commentary. However, in spite of our commitment and the impact of our material, our website is conspicuously missing from Google Discover.
Seeing our competitors get visibility on the platform while we remain invisible is depressing. The confusing part becomes worse when you think about the proactive measures we took, such turning on Google Discover through the Ravitiku.com search dashboard.

One overlooks the fact that Discover is listed below Google search on the left side of my search console [domain:ravitiku.com] and isn’t active against any of the articles or even web stories that are published frequently and have a large daily readership. Why is “Discover” written when it is not be used showing an inactive status?
We are even more confused by the fact that, despite fulfilling the stated requirements for inclusion, our efforts appear to be in vain. Google Discover is a website dedicated to promoting critical thinking and sharing useful information, so it seems unfair to deny users access to it.

We request the Google Discover team to take a second look at our argument, investigate the core of our platform, and acknowledge the importance of what we have to offer the digital world. Our goal is to promote a better educated global society by encouraging discourse and spreading information, rather than just serving our own interests.
Finally, this letter is an invitation to embrace diversity in the digital space as well as a sincere request to correct an omission. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that a solution that upholds meritocracy and justice can be reached.
Sincerely yours,

Ravi Tiku [Founder]
[Domain: ravitiku.com]

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